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You don't need a cape to be a HERO. You just need to care.

Kid President

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Social-Emotional Learning curriculum aims to teach our scholars to create healthy, positive relationships with self and others while striving to make positive contributions to society.

Centennial Academy scholars are exposed to one lesson topic at the beginning of each week.  Throughout the week, scholars will be taught certain skills related to the topic, and be engaged in activities and discussions to further enhance their knowledge of the weekly topic.

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Centennial utilizes the Five Core Competences of SEL to enhance classroom learning.
  • Self-Awareness: Scholars will have the ability to accurately recognize their emotions and how they influence their behavior
  • Self-Management: Scholars will develop skills to regulate their emotions and work on controlling their behaviors in difficult situations.
  • Social Awareness: Scholars will work toward understanding empathy and being able to understand different perspectives of individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • Responsible Decision Making: Scholars will display the ability to make responsible choices for their own benefits as well as the benefit of others with considerations of social norms, ethical standards and thoughtful evaluation of possible outcomes.
  • Relationship Skills: Scholars will work on communicating effectively, cooperation, and resolving conflicts appropriately in order to establish healthy relationships with others.
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360 Wraparound Support

Centennial realizes the importance of 360 degrees of support for our scholars. We have an academy wide, comprehensive, developmental school counseling program. Each grade band, lower, middle and upper, has dedicated counselors. As a result, counselors are able to focus on each scholar populations specific needs as they grow and develop.

Centennial Academy is committed to sound discipline practices that provide scholars an effective and safe learning environment.  Our vision is to create a learning environment in which all scholars meet their full potential and are prepared for success in their future.  Our mission is to create a culture of opportunity where scholars are developed into creative critical thinkers. This will be achieved through strong partnerships that support a crib to eighth grade model school with STEAM focused curriculum.  Centennial is the home of the Heroes because we believe in our potential to create positive leaders who possess vision, courage, and the discovery to make the world a better place. 

Everyone is entitled to a safe, secure, orderly, and enjoyable environment in which to learn and work. If you or your child suspect or see bullying, please complete the form in this link.