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Welcome to Lower Academy

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Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Lower Academy Scholars seated on rug Listening to teacher.

Lower Academy is intentionally designed to be a place that fosters the innate sense of curiosity, exuberance, energy, and play that scholars experience at this level of development.

Our primary approach in Lower Academy is anchored in building a strong, well-rounded, foundational base that blossoms and grows as scholars embark on courageous learning explorations. Our educators nurture and model academic courage, a growth mindset, and HERO habits and traits. Throughout their time in Lower Academy, our littlest heroes build confidence, empathy, and a joy for learning that is foundational as they embark on their journey toward being lifelong learners and leaders.   


Two Lower Academy Scholars

At Centennial Academy we believe character and academics go hand in hand,  Our mission and vision of cultivating scholars who are high achievers, critical thinkers, lifelong learners and ethical leaders are foundational to the Lower Academy experience.  As an EL Education partner school, we believe in the motto "We are Crew". Our commitment to this belief permeates throughout our campus.

In the EL Education model crew is both a culture and a structure.  The culture of Crew means all members of the Centennial Academy Village; staff, scholars, caregivers, and community members, work together as a team to ensure our school community is supported, strong and thriving. We are committed to working together and helping each other achieve audacious goals!

The structure of crew consists of daily meetings that are designed to be inclusive, fun, reflective and educational. During Crew Meetings scholars build meaningful relationships with peers, reflect on academic progress, and focus on scholarly habits and character development.

EL Reading Skills Block


In Lower Academy, every scholar receives strategic and personalized literacy instruction through our EL Education Skills Block which combines the science of reading with high-quality EL curriculum resources to ensure scholars have cracked the alphabetic code, become fluent readers, and, ultimately, comprehend text by the end of second-grade. Our Accelerated Pathway program provides differentiated instruction for students identified as in need of accelerated academic support. 

STEAM & Project Based Learning

Using the design thinking model,  Lower Academy scholars engage in authentic and challenging standard-aligned micro and macro project-based learning (PBL) experiences throughout each quarter. These learning experiences culminate in an immersive museum experience called, iCurate, which is open to the community twice a year. During iCurate scholars proudly showcase and share their PBLs with each other, our school, and the community. 

Design Thinking Model
Lower Academy scholars in PE with parachute


In addition to rigorous academic content, our Lower Academy heroes are immersed in robust enrichment content that we call Connections. Beginning in Kindergarten all scholars  are able to engage in rich arts content and learning experiences in the following courses: 

  • Spanish

  • Computer Science

  • Music

  • Physical Education 

  • Art

  • Performing Arts


We nurture and cultivate the innate leadership potential in every child. As a part of CA's culture initiative, we commit to 100% of scholars engaging in a leadership opportunity every year. Lower Academy scholars are learning about our Hero Habits of being; helpful, engaged, responsible, and open-minded. Leadership experiences are designed to enhance scholars’ understanding of how character traits connect to their classroom, school, and the world around them.


Every scholar has the opportunity to lead in the following ways:

  •  Student Ambassadors

  • Classroom Jobs

  • Student News Crew (recite the pledge, Hero Creed, or Hero Affirmation)

  • Leadership Day 

  • Synergy Squads

  • iCurate Docents 

  • And more  

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