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Powered by the Harvard-based EL Education model, our learner-centered, research-based approach meets all students where they are. Through rigor, social-emotional support, and STEAM through design thinking and project-based learning, our scholars  are able to lean into our core value of EXCELLENCE through critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

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Centennial Academy embarked upon our partnership with EL Education in 2019, because their philosophy aligns with our Mission,Vision, and Values. EL Education is guided by a vision of education equity and student potential, by a reimagined definition of student achievement, and offers research-proven resources and practices. EL Education was founded in 1991 and currently serves 440,000 students in diverse communities across the country.


The term “Crew” comes from educator Kurt Hahn’s quote, “We are crew not passengers, strengthened by acts of consequential service to others.” At Centennial Academy, as an EL Education partner school, we believe in the motto. “We are Crew.” In the EL Education model crew is both a culture and a structure.  

The culture of crew means all members of the Centennial Academy Village; staff, scholars, caregivers, and community members, work together as a team to ensure our school community is supported, strong, and thriving. Our entire K-8 school community begins each day with Crew in every homeroom. We are committed to working together and helping each other achieve audacious goals!

In addition to our daily Crew meeting structures, scholars are able to participate in weekly Community Circles, monthly Leadership Days and daily PBIS (positive behavior intervention systems) that create brave and authentic spaces for discovery and celebration.


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Expeditionary Learning, EL

EL enriches both how students learn, and the school’s culture by providing guidance on ways teachers, parents, staff, and scholars work together to create a school culture of collaboration, respect, and high expectations. Centennial Academy utilizes the EL Education model to increase scholar achievement as defined by mastery of knowledge and skills, character and high-quality scholar work.


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  • Demonstrate proficiency and deeper understanding: show mastery in a body of knowledge and skills within each discipline
  • Apply their learning: transfer knowledge and skills to novel, meaningful tasks
  • Think critically: analyze, evaluate, and synthesize complex ideas and consider multiple perspectives
  • Communicate clearly: write, speak, and present ideas effectively in a variety of media within and across disciplines
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  • Work to become effective learners: develop the mindsets and skills for success in college, career, and life (e.g., initiative, responsibility, perseverance, collaboration)
  • Work to become ethical people: treat others well and stand up for what is right (e.g., empathy, integrity, respect, compassion)
  • Contribute to a better world: put their learning to use to improve communities (e.g., citizenship, service)




  • Create complex work: demonstrate higher-order thinking, multiple perspectives, and transfer of understanding
  • Demonstrate craftsmanship: create work that is accurate and beautiful in conception and execution
  • Create authentic work: demonstrate original thinking and voice, connect to real-world issues and formats, and when possible, create work that is meaningful to the community beyond the school