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students in white shirts walking on sidewalk; school seal

At Centennial Academy

We pride ourselves on the development of the whole child through the lens of STEAM education, EL Education, Project-Based Learning, and Social Emotional Learning


The Academy Way

We believe that learning is challenging, active, meaningful, collaborative, and public. Guided by our distinctive approach to whole-child education, Centennial Academy immerses our scholars in rigorous,  hands-on, project-based learning rooted in STEAM. By design, we cultivate experiences that deepen their cognitive, emotional, and social skills while inspiring an enduring enthusiasm for learning, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. 


Lower Academy

young students standing in line in uniform

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Lower Academy is intentionally designed to be a place that fosters the innate sense of curiosity, exuberance, energy, and play that scholars experience at this level of development. Our primary approach in Lower Academy is anchored in building a strong, well-rounded, foundational base that blossoms and grows as scholars embark on courageous learning explorations. Our educators nurture and model academic courage, a growth mindset, and HERO habits and traits. Throughout their time in Lower Academy, our littlest heroes build confidence, empathy, and a joy for learning that is foundational as they embark on their journey toward being lifelong learners and leaders.   


Middle Academy

3rd-5th Grades

Middle Academy serves as a transitional time for scholars. During these years, scholars grow in their independence as they apply the skills acquired in Lower Academy to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. Scholars continue to grow their knowledge base, enabling them to be curious, collaborative and confident thinkers when they reach Upper Academy. 

Upper Academy

students in leadership attire in line

6th-8th Grades

We believe that Middle School scholars are extraordinary. Their independence, clarity of thought, and willingness to explore new ideas inspire us to infuse learning with meaning. The energy is electric and wires this division for exploration and impact.