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Live School


LiveSchool is an online tool that helps create and maintain a positive learning environment. Centennial Academy uses this platform to track scholars daily behavior progress. Scholars and families can see in real time how many points scholars earn/lose during the day based on their efforts of exhibiting HERO habits, traits and school expectations. Families and teachers will be able to communicate through the app or website of their scholar’s daily behavior.


Teachers will have class based incentive structures in their virtual classes. LiveSchool will be our school-wide incentive tracking system. 

LiveSchool points can be earned for the following but not limited to: attendance, uniform, participation, being prepared and demonstrating H.E.R.O trait.Each week scholars who earn at least 50 points will earn a prize or an invitation to attend a virtual activity. Scholars who earn a minimum of 150 points by the end of the month will also be recognized school-wide with a prize

Scholar are able to:

*View points daily 

*Reflect on opportunities to increase their points

  • *Earn points by being in uniform, attending class, class participation, etc.