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Speech & Debate

At Centennial Academy scholars on the debate team develop the fundamentals of argumentation and public speaking to learn core presentation and debating skills, improving critical thinking and advancing analytic skills. The debate tournaments held monthly the around the Atlanta area allow kids the opportunity interact in a challenging environment with kids from public and private schools.- Coach Mrs. Glynn

"Debate isn’t just arguing, it's

a way of expression. You have a voice. Now it’s time to use it.

Speech is POWER. Debate to me is a way of life" - Chloe Duckworth

"Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but you always learn something in your debates"- Justin Redding

"I have learned to much about global economic issues through policy debate."- Vaibhav Satija

"There is no better feeling than winning a debate round" Chancellor Tanner

Congratulations 2016-2017 Debate Team Awards

Best Speaker Awards