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Accelerated Pathway

The Accelerated Pathway Program is a program that serves all Gifted and High Achieving scholars at Centennial Academy through the subject of Mathematics. Through a partnership with Lumen, 2nd - 5th grade scholars receive three-fifths of substantial academic growth within the school year to help to prepare them for the Accelerated Math program in the 6th - 8th grades. 

Centennial Academy's Upper Academy scholars (in 6th - 8th grades) follow the Georgia Standards of Excellence for acceleration in Mathematics. Our scholars receive a year's worth of instruction within a semester and a half in the 6th and 7th grades in order to help prepare them for Algebra 1 during the 8th grade.

Centennial Academy is proud to also offer Biology classes for our 8th grade scholars to prepare them for high school. Scholars in the program then graduate from Centennial Academy with two high school credits under their belts.