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Apply to Our Lottery for the 2024/2025 School Year

  • Before applying for the lottery, check the Zone Locator tool.
  • If the tool indicates that you reside within the Centennial-mandated zone (Centennial Place 531 Luckie St, NW), you are an In-Zone applicant and do not need to apply through our lottery.

  • If your address is not located in the Centennial-mandated zone, please apply through the lottery

How to Apply                                                                             Lottery Application

Why Families Choose Centennial


We are so glad you are interested in Centennial Academy. It is, no doubt, a big decision to find a school that is the best fit for your child and your family.



Why Centennial Academy?

Centennial is an engaged and nurturing community of leaders, educators, and mentors who work closely with our scholars to help them unlock their greatest potential.

Our focus is on the whole student.  And while we are preparing them for college and career success, we are also arming them with skills that help them make a successful transition into high school. They will leave Centennial Academy with a distinct competitive advantage as well as the passion to continue unlocking their greatest potential.

Conversion Charter

A conversion charter school is a charter school that previously existed as a traditional public school. The traditional public school entered into a charter to gain additional flexibility in exchange for greater accountability.

A conversion charter school shall enroll any student who resides in the attendance zone specified in the charter and who submits a timely application as specified in the charter. As a charter school we are also able to accept students as a school of choice outside of our designated APS zone.

Enrollment Policy

Frequently Asked Questions