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Gifted & Talented Program

Centennial Academy Gifted and Talented Program
This year, the Gifted and Talented program at Centennial has made some changes to our program we feel will continue our quality programming and increases our commitment to raising scholar achievement. We will be serving our gifted scholars utilizing two gifted program delivery models; Resource and Advanced Content. The changes we have made will allow us to provide rigorous and challenging curriculum through differentiated and accelerated instruction to meet the needs of individual scholars.

Resource Class - Gifted at Georgia Aquarium
Resource classes will serve gifted scholars and scholars who qualify for talent development through the gifted screening process. Resource curriculum is based on the Georgia curriculum standards with interdisciplinary enrichment activities delivered at an accelerated rate. Scholars will continue to be served at Georgia Aquarium, which provides a unique and experiential learning environment, and an opportunity to provide “real world” connections to the curriculum. Scholars in grades 1, 3, and 4 will be served using the Resource Model.

Advanced Content
Advance Content classes will serve gifted scholars and scholars who have demonstrated exceptional ability and motivation in math and/or science. The following criteria will be used to identify those gifted and high-ability learners in these areas.
Advanced Content 5th Grade:

  • Gifted and High Achievers with mathematics Milestone or STAR score of 90% or greater.
  • Advanced Content 2nd Grade:
    Gifted and High Achievers with STAR math or reading score of 90% or greater.
Scholars in grades 2 and 5 will be served using Advance Content or Resource Model. Those gifted scholars who do not qualify for advance content classes will be serviced through the Resource Model.

If you have any questions regarding the gifted program, please contact Gifted and Talented Program contact teachers:

A. Pollard Photo

Mrs. Adele Pollard: apollard@centennialacademycharter.org

N. Jackson photo

Ms. Najula Jackson: Njackson@centennialacademycharter.org