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Our Program



By offering a variety of team experiences, we foster a culture of opportunity and discovery in which students gain practice at developing vision and showing courage to become positive impactful leaders. As students learn lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully, they develop a healthy life-style as well as a strong sense of self.

Collaboration, Community, Integrity

These student experiences will help to positively develop students physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Competitive activities also improve school spirit and help students develop and strengthen a sense of pride in community. Although student participation in athletic activities contributes to the development of individual critical thinking skills and emotional well-being, participation on teams is a community effort, and, therefore, a privilege. Students must recognize that this privilege carries with it responsibilities to self, family, teammates, team, Centennial Academy and the entire community of Heroes we represent.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to do our best to ensure the safety and educative value for the children who participate in these school-sponsored activities, we require adherence to certain responsibilities and regulations as follows:

  • Academic Eligibility: All students must maintain a passing grade in all subjects in order to participate in co-curricular activities that might take them away from regular study, remediation, and/or tutoring opportunities.
  • Attendance: The student must be in school 95% of the days enrolled. In order to participate in practices and games, the student must be present at school for the majority of the school day on the day in question. If a student has been absent and wishes to participate in activities, s/he must have the absence excused by receiving permission from the Associate Head of School.
  • Behavior / Citizenship: Students must be in good disciplinary standing and abide by school rules and classroom expectations.
  • Physicals: Athletic physicals are required on a yearly basis. The Pre-participation Physical Examination Forms must be accepted by the School Nurse prior to any participation in school-sponsored activities. Centennial Academy uses the form provided by the Georgia High School Association, which must be completed by a licensed physician.
  • Athletic Physical Examination Form.pdf
  • Parental Engagement: In order to understand the philosophy, standards, safety measures, risks, and educational approach, parents are asked to attend to one or more of the following informational sources:
    • Parent Athletic Season Meeting held prior to each of the Fall, Winter and Spring athletic seasons
    • Meeting with the Athletic Director (by appointment)
  • Age: Must not participate if he/she becomes 16 years of age on or before May 1st of the current academic year.

Team Scores

Games & Events


Basketball Squad

Exhibition Squad

  1. Shamiyah Johnson
  2. Kierra Randall
  3. Madison Jackson
  4. Summer McMurray
  5. Selah Kyle
  6. Briana Locklin
  7. Bianca Locklin
  8. Lena Wares
  9. Yamiah Torres
  10. Taylor Dorsey
  11. Love Thompson
  12. Selena Cooper
  13. Kayla Crane
  14. Tyler Robinson
  15. Toriah Dorsey
  16. Khandajah Duffey
  17. Todriana Fitzpatrick

  1. Shamiyah Johnson
  2. Kierra Randall
  3. Summer McMurray
  4. Selah Kyle
  5. Lena Wares
  6. Yamiah Torres
  7. Taylor Dorsey
  8. Love Thompson
  9. Kayla Crane
  10. Tyler Robinson
  11. Toriah Dorsey
  12. Khandajah Duffey


Coach P. Skowronski

Athletic Director

Coach J. Dinkins

Girls Basketball

Coach L. Robinson

Cross Country

Coach R. Mohammad
Boys Basketball

Coach J. Bell
Girls Basketball

Coach A. Willis

Cross Country

Coach K. Davis
Coach Aisha Chadwick

Athletics News

2/26/2017 1st Track Meet results.

Today was a Good Day. The Heroes and Sheroes showed up and showed out today at our 1st track meet.

High Jump- 1st place Johnnie Whitt and 3rd place Montavious Myrick
Shot Put- 6th place Kennedy Jackson and 7th place Chloe Duckworth
4x100- 3rd place for boys and girls
Runners: Jamiya Burns, Kinsley Parks, Summer McMurray, Ciersten McKinney, Chancellor Tanner, Qahir Smith, Johnnie Whitt, and Malachi Kadle
400- 2nd place Kinsley Parks and Montavious Myrick
200- 1st place Ciersten McKinney, Malachi Kadle, and Johnnie Whitt; 2nd place Jamiya Burns; and 4th place Chancellor Tanner
100- 2nd place Johnnie Whitt and Chancellor Tanner; 3rd place Malachi Kadle and Ciersten McKinney; and 4th place Jamiya Burns

Our next Track Meet is on 3/4/2017 at Landmark Christian School in Fairburn, GA

Congratulations to our Centennial Academy Boys and Girls Basketball teams.

Our Hero Girls team finished the season in 2nd Place.
Coach J. Dinkins and Coach J. Bell

  1. Malai Morris
  2. Alona Wiley
  3. Corinth Hayes
  4. Erica Moon
  5. May Johnson
  6. Rayelle Lundy
  7. Tranaya Labron
  8. Bianca Benton
  9. Cierra Hayes
  10. Kennedy-Ryan Jackson
  11. Carla Dunbar

Our Hero Boys team finished the season in 3rd Place.

Coach R. Mohammad

  1. Joseph Sonson
  2. Terez Wilkins
  3. Rayshan Ford
  4. Gaddis Heath
  5. Cameron McGowan
  6. Octavius Neal
  7. Qahir Smith
  8. Jordan Wilson
  9. DJ Bradley
  10. Brandon Abram
  11. Nemahn Santos
  12. Montavious Myrick
  13. Pharaoh Berry
  14. Jarryd Hill
  15. Johnnie Whitt
Boys Basketball1495
Girls Basketball963

Photo Gallery

Cross Country 2016

Athletics Forms

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